Steps for on time and cost-effective recruitment

The process of hiring best candidate either from within an organization or from outside, for an opening on time and in a cost-effective way is called recruitment.

Normally recruitment process consists of following steps

  • List requirements for a job position
  • Advertise new opening
  • Attract and invite candidates
  • Screening the candidates
  • Schedule interviews
  • Evaluate
  • Make decision
  • Job Offer
  • Contract signing
  • Joining
  • Integrating new employee to the organization

List requirements for a job position

This is initial and most important step in recruitment because this is base for whole recruitment process, so one should be very careful while listing job description and requirements for a job position.

Advertise new opening

In this step, an ad is posted in different job portals like linkedin,,, newspapers etc

Attract and invite candidates

One can share job ad in social media, in different groups etc

Screening the candidates

This is backbone of successful recruitment process, screening of right candidate will save time and cost

Schedule interviews

This stage includes making calls, sending emails etc to the screened candidates and schedule interviews. There could be multiple interviews for one job position from same candidate, it varies in various organizations.


This step consists of the evaluation of the candidates based on the interviews.

Make decision

Based on evaluation responsible persons can decide whether a candidate to hire or not.

Job Offer

 If a candidate is decided to be hired then job offer letter is sent to that candidate through email etc.

Contract signing

If candidate accepts the job offer then a contract is signed between the organization and candidate


Then candidate is converted to employee after joining

Integrating new employee into the organization

After joining employee is integrated into the organization, responsibilities, and tasks are handed over and assigned.

What if an organization or a person who is responsible for the recruitment process of the organization gets everything in one basket? Amazing . . . is not it?

A leading IT Solutions Provider in UAE called “inteslar” offers a module based ERP system that is fully compatible with WPS and recently implemented VAT System in UAE. Recruitment is also part of HR module of this wonderful VAT enabled ERP Software Solution.



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