Inteslar ERP Loaded with Employees Appraisals, Promotions and UAE Payroll Now

Inteslar Software Trading, a Software Provider, introduced the latest version of their best software, inteslar ERP, by customizing ODOO ERP. The global enterprise resource planning solution (ODOO) in use today by thousands of companies.

Inteslar ERP incorporates new capabilities like Employees Appraisals, Employee Promotions, Payroll as per UAE law as well as new Business Intelligence (BI) and visual analytics capabilities delivered via inteslar Data Discovery (IDD), as these featured were not included in previous versions.

IDD doesn’t just provide real-time information for customers into their business in a visual way. Users are able to modify graphics and charts to highlight new insights. Each dashboard is customizable to the relevant user, allowing personalization of dashboards down to individual users.

inteslar ERP is available in cloud and on-premises, inteslar ERP Solution features integrated mapping to support optimized scheduling and dispatch, and robust workflows to automate processes for asset management, contract, warranty and Service Level Agreement (SLAs), and management of service inventory.


“Companies those are using latest technologies in cloud, analytics, and employee experience will be growing and responding to the new challenges of tomorrow while achieving a competitive advantage now”.

Looking for more? Visit our website to compare this comprehensive ERP System with top ERP software vendors! Since the inteslar ERP System is module based so all the modules and sub-modules are listed on the website.

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