UAE Payroll ingredients and Payroll Software

Payroll is defined as total amount to be paid to employees during a week, month or another period. There are companies, still processing payroll manually but most of the companies now using different payroll software. Payroll process varies from company to company and from country to country as it depends on certain rules and laws of country and company’s internal rules etc.

Payroll Software is helping the companies of small, medium as well as large size to process the payroll conveniently, while saving time and cost, reducing the chance of error or mistake, that results in a rise in productivity.

UAE payroll consists of the following

  1. Net Salary (Basic Salary + Accommodation Allowance + Transportation Allowance)
  2. Other Allowances (Mobile, Schooling and Overtime etc)
  3. Deductions (for being absent or being late etc)
  4. Expenses
  5. Loans (there are many companies, giving loans to the employees and then employees bay back from salary or as per agreement)
  6. Gratuity (this becomes part of payroll if an employee resigns or is terminated etc)
  7. Then comes the generation of SIF (Salary Information File) containing the salary information, Bank details etc of employees and information related to employer and the Bank details of the employer. This SIF is sent to the bank and the bank transfers salary into employee’s bank account.

Inteslar a leading Software Solutions Provider, offers HR and Payroll Software that is fully compatible with Wage Protection System (WPS) of United Arab Emirates specifically, but this comprehensive HR and Payroll Software is flexible enough and can be customised to fulfil the requirements of other countries as well.

Inteslar’s VAT enabled ERP Solution makes this HR and Payroll Software more useful. Business Intelligence and Analytics is one of the value-added features that make Inteslar’s Software more prominent in the software trading companies, as the dashboard is loaded with the graphical representation of the payroll data. So in one look user can understand how much the company is paying to each employee.

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