inteslar New HR and Payroll HRMS

Why do organizations need a full HR Management system (HRMS)?

Many companies have lots of employee’s data to manage, from passport copies, visa copies, national IDs and even more.

inteslar complete HRMS can help you organize all these documents in a very effective manner, manage employee’s records in a very intuitive interface, you get to manage leaves for all employees across multiple departments, not only that but also get alerts on expired documents, for example: say that an employee’s passport that would require at least 60 days to renew due to the procedures of the corresponding country / consulate, all you have to do while creating the document is to set a specific reminder to shoot an email notification 30 days before the expiry of the document!

our state of the art HRMS can do a lot more than that, it can help you in employee’s appraisals and performance evaluations, since performance evaluation is part of our ERP Software, all you need to do is to create a set of questions you need to ask during the evaluation and then send to employees.

each evaluation contain multiple surveys, one you send to the employee to evaluate himself / herself, another one is the evaluation you send to the employee’s manager to evaluate him according to a specific objective and last you send to the peer.



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