VAT IS coming Next year(2018)

Get it configure early to avoid delay and penalty because of heavy demand

VAT in UAE will become a major change that is required in your company.

Inteslar has a comprehensive ERP Solution that is fully compatible with UAE laws and regulations.

It is just over a couple of months now before the UAE transitions from essentially a zero-tax environment to one in which VAT will be a fact of life, and for many businesses and consumers

The FTA has urged all businesses to learn and understand the implications of the VAT system and to align their work with the reporting and compliance requirements by the government. Businesses are also asked to ensure that they meet the conditions that allow them to uphold their obligations, which might call for making certain changes

Even if you don’t find VAT that baffling, you may want to ensure that you or your organization are accounting for VAT correctly. So how do you ensure that you can deal with transactions and VAT with confidence? This is where we can help you.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is defined as integrated management of core business processes.

In modern ERP software, each business process is managed separately and then linked and integrated with other business processes.

Following are core business processes that makes a ERP Software comprehensive:

  1. Sales
  2. Finance
  3. Purchase and Manufacturing
  4. Inventory
  5. Human Resource (HR)


Sales includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Management, Subscription Management.


In finance, ERP Software covers accounting, invoicing, expenses etc

Purchasing and Manufacturing

In purchasing ERP Software includes Vendor Management, Billing, Supply and in Manufacturing it links different departments like finance, inventory etc


This business process includes warehouse management and inventory is linked with sales, purchase, manufacturing etc.

Human Resource (HR)

This include all HR operations like Employees Management, Leave Management, Appraisals etc

Inteslar offers an excellent Enterprise Resource Planning Software. In inteslar’s ERP Software every business process is a separate module. This module based ERP Solution helping lot of companies in UAE to run their Businesses easily, efficiently and smoothly. inteslar’s ERP Software is beautiful, easy to use and rich in reporting and loaded with business intelligence.

Moreover, inteslar’s in-house development team can customize this state of the art ERP Software for any kind of requirements.

Document Management System


are you tired of managing piles of papers in your office? do you find it difficult to track invoices, bills, passport copies, quotations…etc?

Many organizations waste significant amount of time in useless efforts to organize physical files, sort and archive them.

inteslar document management system is the solution to your daily pain, it allows you to scan and upload all of your documents to a user-friendly system that organizes everything for you, from user permissions to approvals and expiry dates.

you can organize physical files in documents, each document could contain one or more physical file.

The system allows you to easily backup and archive files on the file system.



  1. Simplified file uploading
    upload files using our easy to use controller that allows you to upload multiple files at once, you can also delete, cancel and preview files individually or all together
    add document
  2. Document Versioning
    allow users to upload multiple versions of the same document, our intelligent solution can handle conflicts and can freeze changes of previous versions, this feature is significantly important for documents with expiry dates, for example an uploader might want to upload a new passport scan of the same person after expiry of the old passport.this is also applicable in the case of IDs, resident visas, certifications or anything with an expiry date.
  3. Effective Notifications
    Some documents can trigger specific events such as expiry dates, for each document you are able to specify who receives a notification when a document expires or requires approval, assign notified users from hereeffective notifications
    you can easily add / remove users from the notification lists as required, search for an employee by first or last name and easily locate by typing even few letters.

     when a user receives a notification, a beautiful and easy to use icon is displayed, clicking on any notification will land the user on the page where he needs to action, not only that, we also send email notifications to the users who are selected to be notified, they can view on any device and approve documents on the fly.

  4. Approvals
    Send documents to management in order to approve, reach to multiple layers in the organization by adding as many approvers as you wish, emails are sent whether a document is approved or rejected and notifications are showed on the is also possible to customize this solution so that when a document is approved or rejected, a specific action -or list of actions- is triggered and executed, this is useful in complicated scenarios whereas further automation is necessary.
  5. Outstanding Dashboards
    inteslar DMS lands the users upon login to a beautiful dashboard that allows him/her to know the whole story at a glance, see all document types that are about to expire in a simple manner.each user can customize his dashboard to display widgets that built in the system, choose from multiple carefully designed widgets that we picked up just to make your life simpler.

    it is obvious that you could add and remove widgets as you wish, just go to settings and remove instantly.

HR and Payroll Software and Reporting and Analytics

In today’s fast pace world, it has become very important for the organization to make right decisions at right time to win the race. After all, right decisions are basis of success of a company. Organizations use different reporting and analytics tools to analyse performance, that helps them to decide what is right.

Reporting is defined as organizing data into useful information to monitor how different areas of an organization are performing.

Exploring data and reports to get insights which help to better understand and improve performance of organization is called Analytics.

Following are the key benefits of effective reporting and analytics out of many others.

  1. Better Communication
    An effective reporting system within an organization, can help in a way that information move upward or downward in timely manner. Nothing could be as effective as an automated reporting system, that helps to send and receive reports in email daily, weekly or monthly.
  2. Increased Productivity
    In this fast moving and changing business environment, organizations should be able to respond to changes and requirements on time. An effective reporting helps organizations to fulfil rapidly changing requirements and needs on time and thus increases productivity.
  3. Timeliness
    After collecting data, most important thing is the way to display data in front of decision makers. Here where it comes graphical representation of the data, that helps viewers to understand whole story quickly.

By realizing the importance of analytics and reporting for businesses, Inteslar’s HR and Payroll Software (HR master) is loaded with fully automated reporting and analytics system. HR master displays data in grids and allow user to sort and search data using user friendly controls. It also has graphical representation of the useful information that enables user to analyse and understand easily and quickly.

HR master providing reporting and analytics for all HR modules including payroll.

When it comes to price, HR master is the lowest price HR Software, while having more functionality and offering more privileges and rights. It fits into needs of all companies in UAE, whether they are small or big. What could be as good, as to have this best software at best price?